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[07 Sep 2006|04:04pm]
you know what would be sweet

if i could please get my 750 dollars from last november back
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[07 Sep 2006|03:29am]
fed ex is exciting
10 dollars an hour is pretty sweet, expecially when they send you home early
school is pretty sweet
expecially when i actually go to class
i know, i spell things wrong
fuck you
i dont really know where time has been going lately
yes i do
blake wants to start an indie band
acoustic and sappy
sounds good to me
this adult life sucks
i want to find another job
but i wont, because the money is nice to have
at least for another year
one good thing=i am getting muscles
and random bruises all over my body
i look like a white trailer trash wife after dale jr lost a race and my husband...dale...beat me with a fly swatter...or an old moldy boot...either or
hello to everyone who wont read this
i miss you
who is up for bowling someday
or perhaps we could find a ten person tandem bike and ride around maumee bay
and i guess devon
unless we can find somebody better
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[31 May 2006|10:50pm]
my whole life is a lie.
assholes are talking to molly saying how badly they want to fuck her
i hate everything.
i wish i could kill someone.
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who am i to say it won't matter [27 May 2006|11:49am]
so its been a while.
tyler and i are buds again. it makes me so happy.
dan is staying for the summer. i know a lot of people may not like him but for 4 years of my life he has been like a brother to me, and he is a good friend.
i went to go see the davinci code with the love of my life last night.
it has made me start thinking, about a lot of things.
personally i find the whole idea and symbols facinating. and i have always enjoyed old stories of ancient myth. maybe there is a career option hidden inside this whole jumbled mess. i know i would like to somehow find a way to become a symbologist or something to that effect, but maybe im just imagining it because i was so intrigued by the book. i don't even know.
all i know is that i love molly, <3
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[11 May 2006|12:09am]
the american badass

is truly a badass

i can honestly say

i have never met a motherfucker quite like him
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[07 May 2006|10:14pm]
[ mood | tired ]

through the eyes of the dead were sweet. even if they only played 4 songs.
last night a guy came into movie gallery at 11:50 p.m. and stood in the adult section until 12:15 a.m. the store closes at 12:00 midnight.
i had to go back there and say, "hey man, we closed 15 minutes ago, come back another time and look at the naked girlies." no, i didnt say that, i wish i did. but he ended up buying 4 movies, he also looked like he could be someone's grandpa. sick
then today i had to go to dinner with my grandparents and molly. it was good
tomorrow i have to work from 6-close. it will be sweeeeet

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[04 May 2006|09:45pm]
[ mood | excited ]

6 days

kid rock bitches

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[03 May 2006|01:59pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

im at monaghans and he is sleeping.
i just got done playing ncaa football 2006
ohio state just powned mich st.
friday i know for sure everyone should go
but saturday is a different story
i think i have to work
sorry cody
and molly
movie gallery is stupid as hell, i request off a day, and my manager gets pissed because "i only work one dat a week because of my availability". well, if she would actually look at my availability she would see monday tuesday wednesday thursday sunday.
i have to get molly's ticket for friday.
i need to start saving money

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[26 Apr 2006|01:58pm]
Damn it feels good to be a gangsta
A real gangsta-ass nigga plays his cards right
A real gangsta-ass nigga never runs his fuckin mouth
Cuz real gangsta-ass niggas don’t start fights
And niggas always gotta high cap
Showin’ all his boys how he shot em
But real gangsta-ass niggas don’t flex nuts
Cuz real gangsta-ass niggas know they got em
And everythings cool in the mind of a gangsta
Cuz gangsta-ass niggas think deep
Up three-sixty-five a year 24/7
Cuz real gangsta ass niggas don’t sleep

Now all I gotta say to you
Wannabe, gonnabe, pussy-eatin’ cocksuckin’ prankstas
When the shit jumps off what the fuck you gonna do
Damn it feels good to be a gangsta
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[25 Apr 2006|09:32pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

tomorrow tyler and i are going to work.
its going to be sweet.
and then thursday hopefully we wont have to as long and saturday not at all
i think friday molly and i are going to panera, and then bringing the rest to blake and maggie since they brought their left-overs to my work when i was working.
hopefully tyler morgan blake maggie molly and i will be seeing more of each other. and cody, of course.
i wonder when cody will _______________
anyways thats all there is.
im not stressing over anything.

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[24 Apr 2006|02:24pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

people need to chill the fuck out.

thurseday monaghan and i were working, cold calling with kyle and brianne, when we decided we were sick of it and me and monaghan went and got the girls and went back to my house and had some fun. only for brianne to call my phone saying "wow im so proud of you guys sticking it out and going to work more than you needed to!" yeah. we really stuck it out alright
friday i went to cody's and we had pizza and some myspace fag pictures. delightful
then the show, with people doing stupid things and saying worse
then saturday a whole lot of work and frustration
and sunday more of the same.
from what i hear people are just going into other people's business and trying to stand up for their friends. its nice and all, but if someone has a problem with someone else then they(the person with the problem) should tell their friends that they want to beat up the kid, not the other way around. some people just feel a need to protect the ones they care about, or the ones that their friends care about, just to show that they can. if someone wants help sticking up for themselves im sure they would ask for it.

i love molly

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[15 Apr 2006|12:50am]
[ mood | happy ]

i fucking love molly

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[13 Apr 2006|04:05pm]
[ mood | tired ]

im at monaghan's now.
i fell asleep on his bed for about an hour.
things have been sweet
molly thinks im mad at her
i could never be mad at her.
she just doesnt understand that her and a few others are all i have
i feel like sleeping more.
i dont know
its sweet.

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[11 Apr 2006|10:36am]

broke back lovers...
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emotionless [11 Apr 2006|10:14am]
[ mood | drained ]

no morning class this morning.
because i didnt wake up in time. i dont know.
lately i have just been feeling, like blah. like nothing seems to affect me.
people piss me off, or they show me their love, and it seems like im just indifferent.
i dont really know why, but its just been the past few days. hopefully its just a phase or something.
its almost as if i have been drained of all my emotion, like i have expelled it out so much the past few days, weeks, months, that now i dont have any, and it seems like nothing matters.
but, in reality, it is all quite the opposite.
everything and everyone matters.
i just need to do something about it.

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[10 Apr 2006|09:04pm]
[ mood | sick ]

molly has never heard of the movie the rock. with sean connerry.
today i didnt go to school, so i sat at home and watched stupid ass movies with pascal.
love potion no. 9
the rock
i heart huckabees
crazy other shit. like yo momma on mtv. just a bunch of random ass yo momma jokes.
now im talking to mally on the phone. an she is trying to convince me that i should work on saturday. i dont know. fuck that shit.
im going to filling out the painting app soon, and hopefully gonna paint with monaghan and kyle or something. and then hopefully an appt with monaghan.
yeah boi

but anyways.
some people need to grow the fuck up

p.s. broke back mountain is fucking sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[09 Apr 2006|08:15pm]
cody almost killed us

and pascal is here
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[08 Apr 2006|10:30am]
[ mood | excited ]

last night was pretty chill. even though wolf creek was lame.
and then this morning i got woken up by my ass hole step dad "where's the fucking phone!" and i gave him the one tyler gave me and he's like, "it doesnt have caller id and our voicemail wont work on it!" i said are you kidding me! the screen on the front of the phone is for caller id, and any phone we hook up will work for the voicemail you idiot. then he left.
and this morning i read molly's lj about her mom. it is traumatic, but i guess in my situation it was different.
for anyone who doesnt know. my dad, terry sr., died on white bear ave in white bear lake minnesota, on january 8 1997. he was drunk. i did not know that until i was 16 years old. kinda shitty huh? i dont want to say that had i known that information his death would have been easier to bear, but at the same time, it would have. i guess there really isnt much i can compare with molly. it happened 2 years ago. it happened 9 years ago. she was 14. i was 9. it was not her fault. it was 100 percent his own fault. all there is to say is that we both loved them, unconditionally. however, there is nothing we can do here to bring them back. i used to think that if i cried enough i could somehow bring him back. it didnt. i read a poem that ended, "if tears were boards and sorrow were nails, i'd build a staircase to heaven to bring you back" or something like that. it made me upset. why cant i do that? for the longest time all i wanted was him back. but soon i realised it wasnt going to happen. nothing has changed since that night, absolutly nothing at all. i still get bad grades, my brother and sister still live with my stepmom. and sometimes i even forget
i cannot forget.

p.s. pascal is here in t-minus 2.2 hours.

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so i guess im pretty paranoid [05 Apr 2006|07:22pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

yeah. title explains it all.
i officially hate the computer
and how everyone has one
i know i shouldnt have to worry
but sometimes i just do
i can't help it
it is just who i am
i just don't want to lose people
the way i have before

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[05 Apr 2006|12:11am]
[ mood | cheerful ]


saturday, i dont even remember saturday.
oh yeah, stay alive with molly and monaghan and morgan...alliteration?
it was a pretty sweet movie. a pascal must see. and then we went to monaghans and we had a little fun there.
then, sunday, i hung out with the kids, and molly's family wasnt, lets say, being nice? and i was at waffle house with morgan csomos and lauren when i found out. i was so angry, i punched a metal sign twice. i hate it when people treat my friends like shit, especially molly, and i just got so angry.
then some myspace comment wars. gay
then last night we went to csomos, the group, and molly's cousin or whatever started talkin shit again.
i talked to her sister and she bitched them out. thank you kara.
so hopefully things are settled.
then today i went shopping and went to lauren's and hung out, then to morgan's and hung out. we watched some online videos, and ate mac n cheese. they told me how they see me as a sort of "father" of the group, and how they kept on feeling like i was their dad when we were eating. it was funny. and they also said how they thought molly and i were the cutest couple. i love molly so much.
then to csomos and we got caty and molly and watched some of faggy darko. then dropped them off and we played video games and made pizza and mac n cheese again. and now csomos and i both have the wicked shits.

fuck you fuck you fuck you in the ass

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